Welcome, welcome.

First post, here. Just acknowledging an existence, I guess. A little bit about me -let's see. I'm a juniorette for starters. I was given the name of my father who was given his name after the man you see smoking. Jack Morgan died the night of Paseo High School's Prom Night of '55 in a car accident and as his best friend my grandfather swore to give his first born Jack's name. My father swore to do the same. And so, there was Morgan Dean, and thus Morgan Ashley. I lived a suburban childhood in Lee's Summit, moved to the University of Missouri-Columbia, moved back for the Kansas City Art Institute, and am living in the historical neighborhood of Columbus Park in the river district (don't forget about 3rd friday's, too!). I spend most of my time repurposing beat-up mid century modern furniture with my boyfriend, and at Happy Gillis Cafe and Hangout across the street from my apartment.
I'm currently looking for a puppy and a good book, so let me know if you can help.