MOTEL placard mock-ups

After some attempts at finding material, i.e. renting yet another crap motel room, stealing some stuff, and catching a few good polaroid's of the interiors and exteriors, it seems that nothing I've accumulated will be what I'm looking for in this final project. All other ideas are out the window (I'll put the motel polaroid's to good use some how), and here I am building miniature paper buildings! The means of building will come out of materials derived from my icon's: takeout = chop stick wrappers, used boxes, cigarettes = obvious, suitcase = airport luggage tags, bathroom = soap/toilet paper wrapper, etc. Anything paper and easy to come by I'm hoping I can exploit in the form of these little constructions:

The final product will be photographs, so I'm working with different shots of the buildings. What do we think? These are only mock-up's, like blue prints for the finals, I'm still scavenging for material to build.