VL Rhetoric: Junior / Senior Crit Feedback Summation

After meeting with Micheal May and Kelly a few lights were shone on aspects I could not have seen myself. The "American Dream" poster was shown as a before and after (I changed the lucha masks to all american colors -red white & blue). They seemed to respond better to the traditional mask colors in the previous poster thought. Kelly said that it seemed like America was bastardizing again one other authentic thing, trying too hard to make it its own (like tex-mex, or something) or it felt like a weird Captain America family photo (color are completely deviating) . So we thought: what if the parents withheld this thing's cultural tradition and their children (who more than likely are not naturalized like their parents, but probably born-citizens) took on the red-white-blue. The appropriation is definitely becoming a sensitive issue, and something that has become a force in my thinking: "if I could do it all over again, I'd skip this whole idea." Had I but known..

"Mi Voto Es Su Voto" had little issues on the other hand. Kelley suggested that the hands be filled in a skin tone color to add visual and conceptual depth (what would it mean if the hands were the same color, if they were different). This change was made, and I would have to agree. Kelley also suggested that the word "transcend" may not be the most appropriate word, that maybe the $5 word wasn't the best choice for my audience (let's say their new to English), but I chose not to edit this, in that my opinion as well as others was that "transcend" is a poetic choice that is a big word for a reason: it encompasses a larger and more accurate idea than, say, "stretches across" or "defies".