SM Kinetic Type

In the brainstorming stage, I found that my nouns related to "eating" would fall into 2 certain categories (found at the top of my noun list page): utensils & the body. There were quite a few verbs that went along with each of the nouns, but in the end I chose those that seemed the most diversely used (some verbs seemed to be synonyms or slight variations of their sister verbs). I chose 2 nouns from each category (utensils, body) and thus we have "spoon" and "teeth". Some of the letter forms mimic the shape of the noun directly (teeth) while others I sketched in light of the properties (metal, smooth, rimmed).

After some consideration, spoon seemed to be more interesting and multi-purposeful, having various action very different from each other. But, "crack" -as a "spoon" action- wasn't cutting it as kinetic type would allow, so I replaced it with a new verb "hold", leaving us with "hold", "scoop", and "stir". In the ideation phase of "what different ways can 'hold' look like?" I followed some of Tyler's blog advice and tried abstraction. In the first two sketches below, you will see very little spoon-like shapes or movement, and rather "hold" is simply the idea that supports the notion of a spoon, not illustrates it. There are things within things, shapes embracing shapes -things like that. The additional verbs iterations (those created past the initial 5 sketches above) proved to be helpful, so look through 6-10 on each verb, they're cooler -ha.