T3 Introducing: Century

•  C  E  N  T  U  R  Y  •
This project came to me when whiskey and I first found each other. The aesthetic of the typeface caused me to shout one evening "Damn, that would look good on a whiskey bottle -wouldn't it?" Due to its historical background it seems routed in a time of strange medicinal practice, pipe-smoking, and whiskey drinking, mustache-wearing people. Century, designed by Linn Boyd Benton (an engineer), has a number of sister typefaces and many cuts within the standard. I exploited that and its history by using only black & white photography, familiar objects, and the newspaper type treament. The decorative framework, and the color palette I feel add to this aesthetic also. This design was created to be a 3-color folding mailable that serves as an informational and persuasive device to use this typeface.