SM Opener/Data: get started

The purpose of the work. Why does it exist?? What is it supposed to do?
The data presented would ultimately expose the secrets of eating contests. It exists solely to humor those catching the contest on TV, no necessarily serious about how to succeed in such a competition. By the end of it you ought to have learned the basics with a few undisclosed success tips, ready to start your training (not really). Make sure you take notes, athletes! Be the best!

Context for the work. What surrounds it? Where or when does it appear? Is it stand-alone or does it require a presenter. What else is on that channel? etc.
No presenter. I'm hoping for it to be a typographic thing?? I would imagine that this is not on a channel, and thought maybe it would part of a dvd you would go out and buy. Or maybe this series of facts on "how-to" would simply be the commercial for a hot dog company, specifically Nathan's Hot Dogs (competition's choice). Surrounding this ad would be other ads, for food, GNC supplies, or body-building equipement (?) Humor is the name of the game I guess (hot dogs as athletic equipment).

Audience description. Who are they and why are they watching?
Say you're watching World's Strongest Man on ESPN and after that comes on the Hot Dog Eating Contest. Some of us are die-hard fans of this type of athlete, but most of the audience tuning in are college-aged adults looking simply because they can't look away. I don't know why, but it's hilarious and hard to turn off.

How will this better my portfolio.
This information is goofy, and all around not my style. I hate being predictable and I think this will help me step outside my box of thinking what is aesthetically pleasing. I hate here "it looks like something you would do" because after college a lot of my work won't be "things I would do". I want to work harder to stretch myself, and develop the skill of idea generation concern topics I'm not knowledgeable or maybe even concerned with, rather than working within a comfort-level (I'm not entirely comfortable with this yet, which is good). I chose the data format, honestly, because I knew a lot of people were choosing the other, and I want to work without any influence from my peers (though that doesn't mean without their help). I feel I relay too much on "what are you doing", and I've got to quit it! I've got to be more rounded. So here we go, I guess.

Research Examples

like a little documentary, little too long for my topic

I don't think this link will work, but its on MK12's inhouse motion works. narrated basically is source of facts and visuals "dance" to his voice with some mood music in back.

Another narrator. The narrator. All facts, all awesome.

We've all scene this. Good use of graphs for information, but alas another narrator.. can this be done without one?

Anybody have any other examples of swell info packed 30 sec. clips??