MX: Domain Names, Community Systems

This thinking about domain names has been a tough endeavor. There are lot of cheesy names out there for good designers, and visa versa. A web address should make you feel something before you go, and fulfill that notion when arrive at the site, and what that "something" is I haven't decided (take for instance, . As a young designer, I suppose I'm still trying to figure myself out (branding myself sounds limiting) but alas I'll take a stab at it:

  • morganisashleyismorgan (the never-ending identity crisis surrounding my name)
  • morganashley (nicely put)
  • morganashleyallen (is that too long?)

... and I'm done. I think working with what I've got, sticking with just my name, and keeping it simple will do me fine. That was a terrible brainstorm. Moving on I suppose...

"Design a multimedia system for a community of individuals involved in a common activity."

Well after reading Web 2.0 (which wasn't that boring, EP) common really means common! Some of the greatest web 2.0 examples (those that have succeed to grow simultaneously in size, popularity, and usability) are about seemingly routine, dull activities like finding directions, uploading photography, writing diary entries, using the dictionary/encyclopedia, etc. It really comes down to what do I want to work on for a semester (and what does my partner want to work on, as well). Things I'm interested in as of recently:

  • blogging/following blogs
  • cooking/baking/jarring
  • beer making/smoking
  • walking and/or biking
  • donating time to my community
  • following farmers markets
  • yard sales, and the such
  • getting married
  • fostering dogs
  • traveling cheaply
  • getting a good job
  • supporting local music venues
This all seems a little egocentric really, so I'll stop there. Ideally I'd like this project to develop from a much more mundane activity, one that needs a higher level of design to serves its participants (which would be mostly everyone). It just seems like all the good ideas are taken already!