O You Youths, Western Youths






So we've moved away from our "bower" in Kansas City to embark on new and strange adventures in Colorado, which is nothing short of beautiful and bountiful — of white middle class! Kidding, but seriously: Boulder is a little white-washed. I'm pretty put-off by this… not to mention Boulder is a college town. I never really liked the crowd even when I was in college, and living in the thick-of-it (on "The Hill" a.k.a. Greek Town) as a young professional with a salary and bills and loans to pay, it's kind of annoying. Listen, I was annoying in college too; It has nothing to do with Colorado University's fine student body. It's just … culturally shocking.

I guess I lied a little just now; We don't actually "live" in Boulder—unless you consider sleeping on your coworker's floor "living." Sean and I are basically homeless, living out of a storage unit—but, at least we both have jobs! Right before we moved here, like the same week, a wildfire wiped out much of Boulder and Sunshine Canyon and burnt a corner of our new house. (We're lucky it didn't burn the whole town down, honestly.) Landlord's insurance is covering not only the said corner's repair, but also a full renovate. This is awesome because the last tenant had 3 dogs, a disability, and a filthy hoarding habit. What a blessing in disguise…

Don't let my ranting indicate otherwise; We are loving it here. I purchased Rocky Mountain National Park year-passes, bought an axe for Sean's rustic endeavors in the mountains, and am really enjoying the Southwestern food.