The Spare

The spare bedroom is nearly completed. After a long consideration, I've decided to keep the room looking like the rest of the house; The other option was to deck it out like a vintage motel set in Amarillo, TX. That might still happen if I get the right props, but for now all we have is the ash-tray that no one will ever use, because no one smokes. I'll settle for something in the middle and shoot for the Ace Hotel in Palms Springs. Love the little make-shift closet Sean made for me out of polished galvanized steel piping.

If these said bits of interior inspirations (and the cameo appearance of our very own Ms. Hula) don't hint at it enough, I'm absolutely dying for it to be Spring, Summer, just anything but this dreadful gusty cold. I've actually started composing a mix called "Hot Pants" which should be defined by the track "Down in Mexico" by The Coasters. Also, I've been sitting on an old mix for awhile; I've finished and titled it "Cocaine Blues" from Dave Van Ronk (and just about any other songwriter ever). Love it or leave it—It's definitely something for a cold winter.