On Swooning: 'The Tree By The River'

This is a good one for sure! La Blogotheque just gets better and better. They've really taken their typography to the next level, faking a feeling of subtitles from a French noir classic—but alas! Sam Beam speaks to my heart in a most familiar language. Haven't really given this new album, Kiss Each Other Clean, much listen, but it can't be terrible — it just can't.

I'm also working on a new mix called Balmy Love with lots of Iron & Wine and other solid swooning sweetness. I'm trying a few different ways to share these music things, but I haven't decided on one yet. If you have any suggestions I'd be glad to hear it.

Iron and Wine | Tree By The River from La Blogotheque

Oh hey! Speaking of solid sweet tunes, I was approached recently by Ashley with Hifi Weddings to have Sean and I's wedding featured on their site. They bring together wedding inspiration and the music behind it all — what a badass and original idea! Reeeal excited to share that, so I'll post when that goes live!