Without much narrative to be told by the order of these images, Sean and I took a much needed vacation away from the mountain fog to the nation's capitol — fresh and mighty in all its spring glory. I didn't have many stipulations on what we did while we were on holiday, but I did want to accomplish a few things regardless where, when or how. Suffice to say, we were successful.

For starters, I had my heart set on diving in a blues bar. After consulting our handy-dandy Graphic USA, we were pointed to Madame's Organ. Check it out. Not knowing much about D.C.'s food scene, I wanted to eat at least 3 meals on the street; There was falafel at the Farmer's Market, fried green tomatoes (holy shit) and then some amazing lengua tacos at some kinda of block party. The third to-do was actually hard to avoid: find a good lobster bisque. And lastly, I gave myself the challenge to master heels on cobblestone — so I only packed heels (check!).

We went to every district and went in anywhere. Here are some of my favorite places that I'll definitely include into future itineraries: Rock It Again which is classy to boot, Dr. K's carrying the sexiest vintage men's digs, Meep's, Chinoiserie, La Fromagerie, A M Wine Shoppe (their sweet dog appropriately named Olive Oil), Eastern Market's Lunch (where the food's sure to get cold 'cause you're too busy chatting with the owner) and Union Street Public House. Adam's Morgan, Dupont Circle, Old Town, George Town — who knew D.C. was such a metropolis.

Anyway, we're back. :)