Miss Chris, Issue One


So I've been reading a lot of Chris Ware lately; My friend has been putting his library of graphic novels and illustrator sketch books in front of my face, forcing me to read them—and then I suddenly remembered how much I love comics. Especially the dark, haunting, uncomfortably real and serious stories that I've been seeing everywhere. Mickey Duzyj's new series is one such story that caught my eye; Impulse buy, but whatever—I'm glad I nabbed this first issue of many narratives to come about employees at a certain mysterious race track.

The first thing that caught my fancy is Miss Chris's color palette—which I'm hoping changes with each new issue, based on the starring character's story and traits. The little 10-page comic is printed really, really well and so it has this deep, velvety black paired with a unique bubble gum pink. The sweetest spots for me are when the pink and black interact, creating a hazy and yet still vibrant new hue (see the parking lot image above).

Looking forward to the second installment of this series. This mini comic has only whet my appetite for more, but isn't that what comics are all about?

Get yours from Mickey's shop or read the post about it's coming to fruition.