The Architect and The Painter

Sean and I have always been real sure of one thing: we want to be these people. We're so sure, so infatuated, so inspired, we've even agreed on a name for our unborn first-born: Eames. (God, please be a boy). Our house is full of their ideas and designs; They seem to speak to each other, in some shared language—their shapes, colors, purpose. I love their story, so I can't wait for this documentary to air on PBS. Check out this review:

"Described by those who knew them as a union between 'a painter that didn’t paint and an architecture school drop-out who never got his license,' the pair initially dedicated themselves to a utopian vision of promulgating beauty to a broad audience through high quality, low cost, mass produced furnishings. They helped transform 20th century design in the post-war era. "

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