It's finally feeling livable. We spent the majority of this month painting every room, deep, deep cleaning after the previous tenant (not to mention the landlord who polyurethaned everything—including the sink) and trying to figure out what to do with all this space!! Sean completely transformed the kitchen, like, completely; He added a backsplash made of subway tile, doubled our countertop space with reclaimed barn wood, and built additional cabinets. We still have an entire bedroom with nothing in it—not even overflow crap, no-thing—so that is an on going project. But it feels nice!

Chicago is treating us like kings so far! The boys went junking the other day and nabbed 16 fiberglass shell chairs, that had never been store outside, impeccably white with the inspection stickers still on the bottom. (4 of which you see here, because what's the point in finding stuff if you can't keep some.) They were in a heap of trash... Go figure. The second-hand shops are pouring with gold, and the alleys fill up over night. It's like picker's euphoria, day in and day out. I don't think filling up all this extra space is going to be hard or take much time.