Resolution List, or lack thereof

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I didn't make myself a New Year's resolution. What can I say—I've never been very successful limiting myself; Instead, I choose to live in "moderation" or with the 80/20 mentality that if I eat well, choose good, and act appropriately 80% of the time then I can afford to be a little less kept the other 20%. For lack of my own list, here's Woody Guthrie's from Lists of Note.

"As 1941 drew to a close, the great Woody Guthrie sat and drew up an illustrated list of 33 resolutions for the following year, 1942. The charming result of his efforts, entitled 'New Year's Rulin's,' can be enjoyed below."

Personal favorites (might even piggie-back on these):
  • Learn people better,
  • Don't get lonesome,
  • Keep hoping machine running,
  • Have company, but don't waste time,
  • Love everybody,
  • Make up your mind,
  • Wake up and fight.