'Burma-Shave' by Tom Waits

"He kind of looked like Farley Granger the way he had his hair slicked back. She said, 'Honey, I've always been a sucker for a fella' that wears a cowboy hat... Just how far do you think you might be going?' He said, 'That would all depend on just what you mean. You see, I'm only stopping here 'cause I got to get myself some of this gasoline. I guess you'd say I'm going that-a-way—at least as long as it's paved... I guess you'd say I'm on my way to Burma-Shave.' He said, 'Honey, why don't you put your knees up on the glove compartment just like that.' And she took out her barrettes and, man, her hair spilled out just like root-beer."

It's always a hot summer night with you, Tom.