As of February 1, we are home owners. We tried to buy a house when we lived in KC, and we tried when we left. But we persevered through the hunt and mortgage process until the stars aligned, bestowing upon us... Our Dean Ln. dream. (God, I hope it doesn't turn into a nightmare.)

When we saw pictures online, the house seemed strange, to say the least. It had a cool modern thing going which attracted us initially, but its problem areas (in the most predictable places) had us apprehensive; The galley kitchen was uncomfortably and thoughtlessly narrow, the bathrooms were, like, really outdated, and it was on the edge of being un-livable. We worked closely with our realtor and mortgage broker to find the right loan, and started the process of buying this diamond in the rough.

Meanwhile, I thought to do some research on the architecture style. It seemed incredibly similar to the Revere Homes (built by Don Drummond), designed by David B. Runnells. I dug deeper on KC Modern's site and found a wealth of images, which all pointed me to believe this house, our house, was designed by the same architect! I reached out to KC Modern and a guy that recently renovated his own Don Drummond home (their process here), and the consensus is — though it doesn't appear to be a Revere Home — it's a Runnells design.

We are well on our way to renovating this puppy, and I can't wait to see the end product. When it's all finished, you can come over and sip cocktails around the pool with us, Mad Men style.