We started collecting things for our future family long before we were really ready to start a family. We're kind of weird compulsive nesters like that, where we'll buy something even if we know it won't get put to use for years (like decades). One of the toys we bought at a thrift shop was a vintage deJAY Playmates record player. It's been tucked away, moved to numerous closets over the years, and I nearly gave up on it. Important tangent, but flashback to when Sean and I were planning our wedding; We bought a 45" of Santo & Johnny's Sleepwalk (to start the ceremony). And, now flash forward to present day.

Every night, after a couple books and small chitchat, Arlo ends her night with side B, Teardrop. Spinning on a candy-striped red and white record player, with a little vinyl from her parents' wedding day. There's a strange sense of clarity and satisfaction when timelines from your life culminate together like this.