MOTEL name suggestions

I googled some poems about motels or inns, to see how a literary artist uses words to make deep and memorable images. I also checked out just some writers descriptions of historical retro motels. "Orbit Inn keeps a low public profile. The prevailing palettes is dusty green with a dusty orange accent on the edges of the eaves. In the rooms, however, there are vivid turquoises and red, rich blues and leopard prints. the grounds outsides are planted with grasses and cacti, with towering palms and dense walls of banana trees." Given, this passage seems more like a tool in my color choice, but credited I think its poetic. Some of the names below are actual motels I have stayed in and have left impressions on me, so I don't know if I'm biased in believing they may be fitting, so YOU DECIDE:

The Frontier Inn
The Nomad Motel
Matchbook Motel
Vacancy/No Vacancy
Blue Marble Motel
We'll Leave the Light On
No Tell Motel
Check Out's at 10
Just a Single, Please
Coral Court Motel
A Motel Called Yesterday
Motel Insomnia
Cable TV, Pool

I don't know.