INFO: Pt. of View, And/Or Site completed

The final design for the And/Or website has been completed. You can check it out here. Its got just about everything reacting to your clicks and I've added supplemental information from the "real world" that will link you to other websites to show you how these points are relatable to real companies, real campaigns.

Super proud of myself.. I pulled back towards the end and looked at all the .pngs in my images folder and all the code I wrote (mostly letter by letter -I don't like Dreamweaver doing it for me) and I just love being able to say I did this project in such a short time.

There is just one thing that really bothers me about site. For some reason when I saved to the remote site here on campus, it gives you the links with an underline and a dumb color change. This is not what it looks like from my end of the file. Hopefully this will be an easy fix later.

What do you think!?