TYPE: Researching, Conference Mind-Map

Tyler asked us:

"Develop a digital concept map identifying various aspects of what a "conference" is. As starting points on the map, identify the conference's setting(s), artifacts/objects involved, interactions, and participants."

Due to the fact that I've never been to a conference, I researched trends on the event. I visited some blogs and discussion forums debating what makes a good/bad conference, sifted through images on Flickr, and checked out a few schedules of past conferences and those to be held. Jamie and Michael are away this weekend at an educational conference, so it will be interesting to hear about their fresh experiences at the event and look at some of the things they bring back with them. So with some knowledge on the topic, I've written just about anything down I can think of relating to a group of enthusiastic getting together for some common knowledge sharing.

(i'm not sure why this image isn't clickable and expandable)...
i'll email this image to you, tyler