INFO: Pt. of View, And/Or Site

This project began as an exploration of comparisons. We ask lots of questions (this is usually how design works).
  • How can we represent these articles (and their oppositions)?
  • What supporting information can be revealed about their stances? 
  • How does CSS work (& how can it be as good as Flash)? 
  • How can you create a point of view through design?
And through sketching a few layouts out, I found that these articles were saying similar things, but were speaking very different languages. So through this layout, I hope my point of view exhibits their similarities, and interesting connection points. This was an interesting learning experience to say the least; I've decoded bits and parts of CSS, but never scripted from the ground up. 

Jamie and Michael's technology integration is a fairly new teaching technique. They're leaving this weekend for Chicago to talk about their experiences with this and share ideas about how to make it work for other educators. Technology integration, as they have coined it, is a means of learning a program while solving a design problem, rather than trying to figure out how what you learned in a demo class can apply to your work. They make it possible for these things to happen simultaneously, which is more personal and creates retention. 

So here it is (not yet complete, but close).