TYPE: Process, Malleable Skeletal Structure

When looking for paper coated ties for this structure's building materials, I found that unless you want a ton of trash bags you've just got to do what it takes; In this case, that meant asking the stocking employees at SunFresh. So if these twist ties look familiar, that's because you've probably used them to knot up your produce. One man was nice enough to not ask questions and even show us how to remove the huge stack of ties.


So with over 600 ties ready for production, I've spent a great deal of time creating this grid (my fingertips are all green and callused, and my nails hurt, if that's possible). The bigger it gets the more excited I become; I am really interested in how this thing fills and creates a space, transitions from floor to wall, and how letters morph as you move around it. The pattern seems simple enough -you get the overall idea of how it is created- but because of its dimensionality and framework, it is ever changing. Your stance/view point changes the grid, and ideally your hands could as well (if thin enough: maybe a breeze?). The manipulation is also determined by the space it inhabits. All these things I find interesting...


I'm going to continue making it bigger and keep brainstorming the material for the fill that will essentially become letterforms. I have a few things in mind and will continue to experiment. In order to keep the frame malleable, the cells will need to be as well so fabric (?). In the previous post about the preliminary grid, I used paper that was cut to the cell size. I've also thought about not filling the cell in completely but using the skeleton to wind a string like letter together. Hmm.