The Dream Tangent

* Non-design/career related

If you want to know, what I really want to do is:
  • Buy a house that's been bared-down, make it our own, including but not limited to something like this with this inside,
  • Can, can, can, can all the time with the harvest from a modest 1/4–1/8 acre,
  • Start a grocery store/part cafe (adorable & awesome), contracted with local farmers to service consumers throughout the week (solving the manic crisis of getting groceries only on saturday/sunday mornings without committing to a CSA),
  • Buy this cabin in Eureka Springs, and use it as a get-a-way (ah... "roughing it easy"),
  • Try Bruce Mau on as an employer (a little design, mostly dream),
  • Buy/build a little Dinghy,
  • Get my pilot's license and find a venue to make that into a salary,
  • Freelance with Ian & Ramzy here.