DP: The Dream Job

The title of this post, I find it so silly. Part of me hates addressing a goal as a "dream" as though it mythologizes it somehow—making it unobtainable, even. Regardless!

I'll start to say that "job" to me, isn't synonymous with "career" or title. For this blog post specifically, I'd like to clarify "job" will be addressed as "project". So, here's a few.

I once heard a professional designer speak at a KCAI lecture. Moving and informative as it was, all I seem to remember is the end. She finished her time with us with an urge for design thinking, and used the upcoming election (and previous ones for that matter) to illustrate this urge. In past elections it has been trial & error, at the expense of democracy; Voting ballots, as stagnant poorly designed communication had failed the public/government. This kind of design can be found all over the bureaucratic system, and to fix this—to actively use design thinking to improve our government and the people's voice—uh, that's a dream job. Maybe mom working for the government wouldn't be such a drag... (?)

Reflecting on the past, I started this journey on my romantic way to editorial design. The idea behind it all was that, through teams of clever, interesting, and talented people, I would produce a publication to communicate issues important to the time and space around me. This is still something I want desperately, but have I gone too far? Would a magazine hire me out of college? Colors—are you listening? Okay, maybe the magazine business isn't the final answer; Can an agency setting suffice for such a desired setting?

More than anything—more than any specific title, job, or career—I just want to work with people I like, who are intelligent, and don't make fun of me for having a chicken coop, making my own clothes, or listening to Joni Mitchell*. Call me what you what, but I want to be good, leave behind better looking/working systems, and make a living off of it at the same time (and not postpone it 'til after 5).