Upon discovering Yours Truly, (which I'm ecstatic about, because I love great filmmakers filming great bands—see: Black Cab Sessions, La Blogotheque, or, recently, the handsome boys with Mammoth Media) I've completely lost myself in these girls, Mountain Man. Their names alone have a sense of mysticism that compliment their sound (which carries a weight, tension, and depth that only female choral music can). The lyrics are haunting, the video is simple; It's just good.

Glass Vaults is blowing my mind lately as well. I'm a sucker for some ambient goodness, and though this video really is not that interesting, the first sights that came to mind were in fact mountains, the Flat Irons to be precise, which I had the pleasure of climbing a few weeks ago (miss you, Ramzy). If this song doesn't put mountains in your mind, download Ramzy's "Spirit Guide" mix; That's sure to do the trick.