On Waiting: 'Slow Hands'

Things have progressed rather badly here. Well, that's not really true. Things have just not progressed at all. We've been in Colorado for a 1 ½ months and we still haven't moved. Something in the air has made it utterly impossible to be patient, understanding, or possess any other various virtues. Being completely displaced from everything and everyone you know, and then having no place to hang your hat is unbearable.

I don't feel like I live here; All my things are still in storage and I've racked up about 50 nights on an air mattress. My dogs are at their wit's end, and acting not unlike these dogs. Bet you can you guess who's "the helper dog" and who's the "simple" one. Thanksgiving is this week and we have no plans, which is depressing and lame, because it's the one holiday we "go all out" on, considering Sean's a cooking fiend and it's my birthday week. Christmas is right around the corner too, and we've got no place to hang stockings, wrap presents, etc.

We are moving out of Ramzy's today though, and that is nice for everyone's sanity; We have long outstayed our welcome here on The Hill. Now that we know we know for sure we are going to be out of a home for another month, we are getting temporary housing — in town, nonetheless! We called someone about a rental property, and he said that times were tough and no one's been biting, so he'd gladly oblige and let us stay for a month. Our new home town is really small too, so it will be nice to get to know one of our neighbors. Jeff's lived there for over 30 years now so he knows everyone and everything (including our next-door neighbor, the guy working on the cabin, and our landlords). He tipped us off and told us about a Sunday happy hour at the the Inn, said everyone in town goes. We're looking forward to next Sunday and getting a crash course in mountain hospitality (whatever that is).

We got tired of waiting for things to get done in the cabin, so last weekend we took matters into our own hands. We pulled carpet and started cleaning — it felt soo good. The front room actually has hardwood under the carpeting, but we were told that it's wide plank and really cold in the winter; There's a hand dug foundation underneath and it can get drafty without the carpet. I don't think we'll be able to talk them into letting us sand and finish it, so that's a real shame. But the kitchen is coming together! It's nicely-sized, and stove is the star of the show. One of the selling points, actually, when we were looking for housing in the very beginning. It looks kind of like this. The bathroom is really interesting too; Someone had money to spare and went all out by installing a Roman shower/bathtub. So there's no door, it's just this giant tiled corner of the bathroom, that actually has a step-down to form a basin/tub space. I'd take pictures of all this stuff but the cabin is not ready for the world to see it.

This has been a stupid, grueling process (waiting for the house), but sometimes the things you want in life don't come easy or quickly. It is going to be worth the wait in the end, so we can't give up, must persevere! Today is also my birthday, so with that said, things are good.

Let's lighten mood and talk about one of my favorite places here, thus far: Dot's Diner, "Where Folks Get Their Yolks." This place, though as endearing as, say, Town Topic, has a different clientele with organic goods on lock-down; Just look at the chalkboard menu. The kitchen staff are well-tattooed, the patrons are equally as interesting (see: Elvis sitting next to Ramzy), and the B&G sticks to your ribs. What more could you ask for?