Full of Thanks


I missed my friends and family this Thanksgiving, but I know that — in due time — they'll all be sitting at our table with this view of the Rockies in our windows. As the sun was setting, we decided to walk off the mashed potatoes and pheasant by visiting the cabin and playing catch; This last picture is of our backyard, and when we first visited, it was full of wildflowers. Due to the wildfire and winter, it looks a little barren right now, but it'll be back with a vengeance next year — and nonetheless it's beautiful. We miss everyone so much, so we're gladly taking reservations for our cute guest bedroom (which looks out over this particular scene).

We've become accustomed to the high altitude here, so it's nice to know that it's not just the lack of oxygen that makes me all crazy for the mountains; It's really just this freaking awesome. Also, I didn't want to shoot a close-up ('cause y'all just have to wait), but the modest house in the middle, on top of the hill (second-to-last photo), is ours.