To Harry

I miss your Country Club. I've been beside myself these past months; I don't know what do with my money, time or need for whiskey—let alone good service or cowboy etiquette. As the song goes: "If you love somebody new, let me find a new love too. Take these chains from my heart and set me free."

I'm sorry, I have no other option but make due and find another to keep me warm—with booze. This new bar doesn't hold a candle to yours, so know that and take comfort in it. To say the least, it's unforgivable for a waitress in a mountain inn to not know what a Horse Feather is. But I've put this aside—I have to take what I can get. I think you'd approve: They've got a painting on the wall that likens the Indian lady you got. They also makes ginger beer (which, I guess, is pretty worthless if you don't know what a Horse Feather is).