On Home: 'I've Been Away'

So we're mentally preparing ourselves for a long drive here soon; 10 hours to Kansas City, 12 hours back if we stay in Prairie Home, MO before heading back. I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone but not cram-packing our visits. Married life and multiple sets of grandparents are tough on the holidays, but — put into perspective — are both great blessings.

We were told that the cabin would be completed by January 1st, and as my mom put it cheese-ly: we'll be "home after the holidays." I'm really looking forward to putting all my crap in a space where I can see and touch it. Over the past months I've learned that I don't need a lot to get by, but, damn, every time I go by storage and see my things it makes me feel good. I know that's sick, but to a certain degree my stuff carries a part of me that brings me comfort, no pun intended. I mean, I'm a little homesick and I've got no home — that's messed up. I can't imagine being one of the fire victims here in the Four-mile area. I hope they're getting by and that they have great blessings this holiday too. I am so lucky, and here I am whining.

I was going to post a wish list of stuipd things I'd like this Christmas and then that all seemed really petty after all I just wrote. So instead I'm just going to go to bed with my wonderful husband and two dogs listening to this song that reminds me of the Midwest and all the handsome people I'll be seeing next week.