Graphic USA


Well, well. It's finally published, printed, and out there for purchasing.

Last year, Ramzy flattered me and asked to collaborate with him on a book project; He had been approached by Ziggy Hanaor (illustrator, author and editor) with Cicado Books in London to represent Kansas City in a new publication she was putting together: an "alternative guide to 25 cities." As you can imagine, I was thrilled to contribute! I love Kansas City, and I was eager to share my favorite places with anyone willing to listen—or read in this case.

We had a riot writing about the best of KC, sometimes in a way some might view as negative; But if you read between the lines you'll feel the heart in it all, the love for the strange, the rough and the "salty"; We approached the reviews strategically, and came from a place we thought other creatives would appreciate. Ramzy did a fantastic job with the illustrations too, but I can't take credit for any of that—that's all on him.

Graphic USA brings together a slew of talented designers and illustrators from across the States to create an unconventional and visually stunning tour of their towns. Through a collection of restaurants, bars, shopping and cultural hot-spots, it's a one of those "best of" books that adds an artistic spin to each city.

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