Our Wedding Invites

One of my cousins, if that's what you might call her (family is family), is getting married this August and has asked me to do her invitations! She's got a lot of good ideas and I'm super excited. But then I thought, damn! I haven't even documented my own. So I finally got around to shooting these puppies, and here they are. I'll be excited to work on hers as well and I'll share those soon (the turn-around is going to be quick).


Our entire inspiration spurred from our love for Harry's Country Club and the undeniable culture they've created (we even hired the band that frequents Harry's to play at the reception). We used a language we thought fit the bill ("Holler," "Feasting & Fandango," etc.) and curated vintage postcards for R.S.V.P cards (featuring landscapes that blur the lines between Texas, Arkansas, and Missouri). We were lucky enough to have a friend at Skylab, so he really helped us out and did such a great job printing every piece. You can check out the previous post, where I followed Nick around and watched him print the invites above. What an awesome day that was.