Bring It, Spring

Always preparing for, but never quite achieving spring weather.

Regardless, this weekend Sean and I accomplished quite a bit; We were blessed with the sweet faces of new baby tomato plants and finally finished sewing some throw pillows with wet-plate photography portraits on them. We also began the lengthy ordeal of brewing beer; We've settled on the name "Dubbel Bit Axe Ale," for which a nice label will be designed soon. Sean nabbed a pretty sweet chair for the porch, I'm going to try to keep some lavender alive, and a pair of peep-toe Bass wedges have made their way into my closest, for when the weather cooperates.

As you can see the weather's been gloomier than usual, and I'm personally thrilled about it. With all these wildfires popping up around the foothills, a heavy snow or rain storm would really help lower my blood pressure. I'm not against Colorado's 300+ days of sun, but a nice downpour — a straight and heavy fall — and the smell of wet earth never hurt no body.

This song here has been part of my morning routine lately; At that time I usually sit and scheme where I'll get the money to see him, soon at Red Rocks. I'm absolutely fascinated by this recluse, socially-awkward gentleman and it would be a real shame to pass the show up. Crossing my fingers that I'll think of something good soon and buy tickets.