House Concert

I apologize for the overall darkness of this post, but it was a fantastic night and worth sharing. My coworker, one of our web developers (who's an all-around talented and intelligent guy) invited us to a house show — one of the few he'd actually be performing. We didn't have a clear idea what his music or the other performances would be like so we came with open minds, knowing only that it would be intimate.


The first performance, Day Dissolved Dream, was made up of just one guy with an electric guitar. I would describe his sound as "post-rock," to the best of my understanding of the term. Phil Norman, who plays under the name Gravity Cello came next and his solo cello compositions reminded me of The Books: quirky and meandering. Last but not least was the band we came for, and they put on quite a show with five musicians and a sound I can't describe. The host was super fantastic too and coordinated the show with finishing her small batch home brew, Impaled Ale.

I miss living in the city and being able to go and do things like last night. I'm hoping that the summer here, in our far-away cabin, will prove to be comparably buzzing with live music and people outdoors. We'll see. For the time being, we'll have to make due with hour drives to Denver.