FoundRe: Furnishings

Not the most breaking news, but one of our very very good friends, Raun Meyn, opened up his official store front in Wicker Park, Chicago. He's always been in the business of making frames, but a few years ago he started doing his own thing in a 2-car garage in the alley of his apartment building. Since then he's rented larger and larger studio space to meets the demands of commissions pouring in, and now! his shop FoundRe's got their own store front (with new and improved studio in the back).

The frames and furniture that come out of Raun's shop are always one-of-a-kind, really. Each piece is crafted from distressed doors, tables, over-painted paneling and weathered wood (each with unique surfaces and colors) that he salvages in the surrounding Chicago area. It's genius, and I'm so happy his success is only getting greater.

Go check out the store front, you won't regret it.