Monday Moxie Meals

My handsome and über talented husband, Sean, has always been a fantastic chef, but no one would know because he only cooks for me and our immediate family. Well, we got to talking one night after work and it was decided that Sean needed an audience, and my coworkers wanted to be it. And so Monday Moxie Meals were born!

Every Monday Sean comes in after work and makes the whole agency a full dinner! It's been a great culinary experience for him as he authors each meal's menu with much consideration (since we have non-pork eaters, vegetarians and gluten intolerables). The overall goal is to make everything from scratch and Sean takes that super seriously.

This week: Greek night! So we were treated to homemade hummus, dolmas, falafel, apricot and toasted almond couscous and even gyro meat (we bought a rotisserie to cook the lamb, for pete's sake...). He finally put to use our ice cream maker too—one of those vintage hand-churners—and topped the dessert with a beautifully crafted date tamarind sauce. We gathered some Greek favorites on vinyl for ambiance, Sean wore his Greek fisherman hat and it all came together quite nicely.

I wish I'd have taken pictures of the meal, but I was too busy serving coworkers and cleaning the office afterwards. I did manage to snap a shot our friend making the menu board though. Next Monday Meal? Vietnamese Banh Mi with spring rolls and sweet potato fries. What I would give for a Vietnamese coffee... seems like too much hardware to bother, but it won't be the same without!