Motorparade, GRRLS

For Sean's birthday a few years back, I really wanted to get him something that'd last—something he'd really want and would keep. I couldn't afford to get anything big, so I solicited the help of our friends to create a birthday fund for the big day, where we presented him with a check—to buy a motorcycle. He'd always wanted one since selling his last bike... to my dad. My dad never rides it; It just sits in his garage, taunting Sean quietly.

Sean had his eye on a BSA A65T he'd found on Craigslist, and with his birthday stash he bought it. It needed more work than he could imagine, and thus began our long ordeal with "the bike." Owning a motorcycle is nothing to scoff at, especially if you're an enthusiast of the vintage kind; There are blogs and forums and videos and sites galore concerning this interest. And as Sean does, he's attempting to consume it all before he dies.

Today I came home to him browsing Motorparade. The blog's label "GRRLS" is pretty interesting to me, because the world of cycles is heavily man-centric, so seeing some females dominate a motorcycle is pretty nice. Careful... Some of the images are NSFW, because—as you can imagine—a lot of women posed with these bikes are as objectified as the machines themselves. Trust me; It was a real feat to find the few images I did of women actually riding them (hardly any in attire appropriate for the "slide"). My favorite is the following for Ducati, mimicking something like a high-fashion ad: "Isn't that where they invented taste?" Hysterical. Enjoy in whatever vain you will.