What We Do On Sunday

After finding an unattended crabapple tree, we have successfully made jelly (which reminds me a lot of this stuff). Our Wii is officially softmodded and I am now playing every Zelda game known to man—which has been enlightening because every new installment borrows so much from previous games. We had some friends come in town, and when they left they gifted us an awesome Chicago Dog print (in a very fine frame made by the gift-giver, Raun, himself). Molly decided she was bored and went to town on our rocker base (on the tip hiding under the curtain), so we're in the market for another one of those now... And as punishment, she is learning a new trick rooted in patience, called "Listen, You Lil Brat".

As far as this music bit, I was introduced to the glam rock side of Marc Bolan of T. Rex, initially. And then Sean comes home with a vinyl of what I'd consider the preface to psycho-folk; Devendra Banhart's early work is definitely influenced by this stuff, and I hear a lot of Animal Collective in this particular track. Good music for the best day of the week.