On sailing: 'Pigeon' by Tennis

This adorable husband-and-wife duo, Tennis, debuted their first EP after sailing for eight months around the East Coast. After saving extensively to buy their 30-foot "Cape Dory", they left Denver with no serious boating experience to pursue Patrick's (the hubby) dream of sailing. Since they sold all their material goods (for the most part) to fund the trip, slowly, the couple reacquired instruments on their voyage with nothing but time to evolve into the sound you hear today. Alaina Moore (the lady part) said, "One day we were in a bar in the Florida Keys and 'Baby It's You' by the Shirelles came on. We'd never heard it before, but we loved the wall-of-sound thing, and decided right then that we'd try to create that when we got back."

Pretty successful if you ask me. I don't think their concept album screams "sailing," but it sure gives me hope that if I could be a little miserly, I could find out firsthand what they're talking about. If you're interested at all, they (b)logged the whole trip: White Satin Gloves.