Teddy Fitzhugh, I Love You

Awhile back, I stumbled upon The Mixtape Club, where—every month—they commission 10 people to compile 10 songs, and design 10 album covers (one per mix). I try to sample each mix that comes through there, but often times I stop listening and move on to the next. Until I found Teddy Fitzhugh's.

It was from this track list that I found his photoblog, and I haven't been disappointed with it yet. Frankly, I am in love. I know nothing about London's culture, street fashion or the music scene, but I think Teddy is insanely amazing. These are just a few of my favorites, but there's plenty where they came from and they're always good. He captures so well those intimate moments on the street or at the show, so it's no wonder he shoots for GetMe, Vice, Fact and Protein. He's awesome, and I really appreciate what he's doing. So please, please don't stop.