Makeup and Vanity Set

Homecoming (featuring Jasmin Kaset) by Makeup and Vanity Set on Grooveshark

"MAVS sounds more like the soundtrack to an imagined ‘80s sci-fi midnight movie; if you close your eyes and let it all wash over you, his music emits a very specific otherworldly feeling—like what would happen if you took the work of David Lynch, set it in the dystopian world of Blade Runner, and let your imagination wander. 'I made a nine-minute score to a short film, the film influenced a 42-minute album, which then gets turned into a physical artifact that’s particularly nasty and degenerative, where the end user has to have a television and a VCR, has to sit and has to experience it, even in places where it’s just the analog tracking in front of them. The screen glows for the entirety of the record. There’s something really horrifying and exciting about that to me—that people would sit in a dark room and experience it that way.' To accompany the album, Newbolt created a parallel release for the album in the form of a limited edition VHS cassette and poster that echoes Ciccoline and Pusti’s combined affinity for a bygone cinematic era."